Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My entertainment for September

Started to feel bored after my exams have finished. I think it is time for me to resume my studies and prepare for my coming exams, GRE and GRE physics. Since memorizing those vocabs everyday will be quite tiring, I decided to add in some interesting readings and exercises for my schedule in September.

For the 1st time I visited the library of Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics. There are SO many nice books inside and yet I didnt come here before for the past 4 years. What a waste. Then, I began to search for my "toys" and finally found 3; 「Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics」,「Problems on atomic, nuclear and particle physics from PhD qualifying exams in US」 and 「Fundamental of Particle Physics 1 and 2」.


Hope to finish these books in 3 weeks time..hehe..
I am a strange guy isn't it? Need to study physics to clear my boredness. Haha. And I will be participating in a badminton competition on 14th, which is this sunday. My muscles are still painful after 3 hours training on sunday and hopefully I will recover by weekends. Go go go !!!

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