Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another "first time"

  Again, my sweet dream was spoilted by the high kinetic energy of air molecules. With my brain is still warming up, I rode my iron horse to the school and had a buffet breakfast. Nice huh? Buffet style breakfast, take as much as you can for only 385yen. A sandwich will cost you 200yen. So, of course a big eater like me will wake up in the morning and get "free" food at the school canteen. 
  And this breakfast proved to be paid off as I eventually understood what that has been confusing in my mind recently. Nothing can be happier than clearing a hurdle in concept of physics for a physics major student like me. Sometime you will need 2-3days to understand the physics underlied in a page of textbook. Hence, to finish a textbook with 300 pages will sometimes need you a whole year, no kidding man.
  As I was playing badminton too hard recently, I feel exhausted all the time. Yet I still managed to carry on my daily life without much problem. As you are wondering what is the "first time" that I put in the title, I can tell you the answer now....It is....the first time I have written my blog in a school computer lab. Haha. Well, as I already have my own internet connection in my room, I normally just come here to download the articles from the popular journal like physical review letter,etc, since the school has already subscribed to those expensive journals. A bit sleepy now, better return to my bed.......