Saturday, September 27, 2008


原因很多,但主要的就是想要专心在搞毕业研究(Laser Cooling of Macroscopic Materials and Observation of its Quantum Behaviour)和准备日本硕士研究的东西(T2K Long base neutrino oscillation detection[京都大学@Tokai and Kamiokande,Japan] 或者是 Large Hadron Collider-ATLAS experiment[东京大学@Geneva,Swiss-France])。不过,为了申请美国大学而作的一些准备倒是让我学到了不少事情。为备考TOEFL而学习的东西间接的帮到了我东京大学的英语考试,撰写personal statement的时候让我更深入的了解自己的能力,强项,还有其他大学所作的研究,获益不浅。虽然没去美国了,但是之前的推动力帮我度过了日本大学的硕士考试,所以可说是"不是浪费的决定"。卸下这份"重任"的确让自己生活没那么紧张。之前的mistake就是没有预想到日本大学那么花费时间和精力,消耗了我念英语的时间,导致无法专注在任何一件事情。当然,无论是进入东京大学或京都大学,明年的8月我肯定会参加CERN的Summer School和研究发表。所以不去美国也至少要练好发表的英语。


T2K Long base neutrino oscillation detector[京都大学 @ Tokai and Kamiokande,Japan]

T2K (Tokai to Kamioka)是一个在日本进行的粒子物理学试验. 它是一个将于2009年中开始投入运行的次时代长基微中性子(neutrino)振动试验。参加成员国有11个,大学30余所,共有数百名物理学家参与这份研究。在东海(Tokai)的J-PARC设备将向295公里外的Super-Kamiokande发射高极度off-axis muon型微中性子。T2K试验的目的就是要更深入的去了解微中性子振动的变数。过去的实验(K2K之类的)中已经发现了muon型微中性子在飞行中转变成tau型微中性子而消失。但是,从muon型微中性子转变成electron型微中性子的事象还未被发现。最有可能的理由就是控制这个振动确率的θ13的数值很小。而T2K有望成为第一个发现「νμ」到 「νe」的振动的实验。这个研究主要在: 
・寻找「νμ」到 「νe」的振动 

Large Hadron Collider-ATLAS experiment[东京大学 @ Geneva,Swiss-France]

大型强子对撞器是一座位於瑞士日内瓦近郊欧洲核子研究组织CERN的粒子加速器与对撞机,作為国际高能物理学研究之用。 LHC已经建造完成,2008年9月10日开始试运转,并且成功地维持了两质子束在轨道中运行,成為世界上最大的粒子加速器设施。LHC是一个国际合作计划,由全球85国中的多个大学与研究机构,超过八千位物理学家共同合力出资合作兴建。LHC包含了一个圆周為27公里的圆形隧道,因当地地形的缘故位於地下50至150公尺之間。隧道本身直径三公尺,位於同一平面上,并贯穿瑞士与法国边境,主要的部份大半位於法国。虽然隧道本身位於地底下,尚有许多地面设施如冷却压缩机,通风设备,控制电机设备,还有冷冻槽等等建构於其上。物理学家希望藉由加速器对撞机来帮助他们解答下列的问题: 
・宇宙有 96% 的质量是目前天文学上无法观测到的,这些到底是什麼? 



Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My entertainment for September

Started to feel bored after my exams have finished. I think it is time for me to resume my studies and prepare for my coming exams, GRE and GRE physics. Since memorizing those vocabs everyday will be quite tiring, I decided to add in some interesting readings and exercises for my schedule in September.

For the 1st time I visited the library of Yukawa Institute of Theoretical Physics. There are SO many nice books inside and yet I didnt come here before for the past 4 years. What a waste. Then, I began to search for my "toys" and finally found 3; 「Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics」,「Problems on atomic, nuclear and particle physics from PhD qualifying exams in US」 and 「Fundamental of Particle Physics 1 and 2」.


Hope to finish these books in 3 weeks time..hehe..
I am a strange guy isn't it? Need to study physics to clear my boredness. Haha. And I will be participating in a badminton competition on 14th, which is this sunday. My muscles are still painful after 3 hours training on sunday and hopefully I will recover by weekends. Go go go !!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


周五在东京大学面试完毕之后,在大学内的咖啡店遇到一个KEK的教授(之前认识的。是去年夏季营的主席)。他说,我的第一志愿教授和他商量过,说我可能会去美国念书。然后,他给我的建议是,要我仔细想清楚。因为美国现在经济不好,而且今年初才对particle physics的预算案大屠杀,导致fermilab大量裁员。可能不是去美国的一个好时机。而且,我京都大学要好的教授也是在电邮中提到要我仔细想好未来的进路,因为在master专攻的研究可能会是长久继续下去的。说到这里本身感到惭愧。

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, no more written exam for Japanese Universities

Finally, the written exams for both Kyoto University and University of Tokyo are finished. You know, my last paper was English!!!
1st question: please translate the following English essay into Japanese !!!!
2nd question:please translate the following Japanese essay into English...............Is this called English paper?..OMG..
Luckily my 5 years stay in Japan is not wasted.....I still remember that I did badly during my 1st year english class-translation.(I think I just get about 30% for it)...but this time, yeah, without much problem, I did it. Oh, yes! But anyway, nothing to be proud of. I just shorten the distance between me and the japanese students(Losing master's exam to them due to a english paper is a BIG PAIN). They are just too good for that translation stuff.
Interviews are awaiting for me, on 4th and 5th which are just 2 days away. Well, I must really enjoy my days after a long period of studying non-stop.(About 14 hours per day, what do u think? Wake up then study then eat then study then sleep.XD)
It is kinda surprise for me to be scheduled for 2 interviews for University of Tokyo. I thought my score wasnt enough to enter my 1st choice, LHC-ATLAS experiment as there are many students putting it as 1st choice as well. Anyway, need to appeal myself more during the interview as I am maybe floating on the border line.Haha. As for Kyoto university, I think my score should be enough for my 1st choice, high energy physics lab for neutrino physics. Just need to wait for the announcement of the interview list tomorrow evening.
As for University of Tokyo, questions like what is the voltage being used in Japan? and why?, explain 1 of the experiments that you have done in 3mins, etc. Well, the 1st few questions might not be that hard but I heard that they will ask everything in detail after that. Like, explain how a PMT works, why linear collider must be used now instead of the conventional ring shape accelerator?...bla bla bla...
on the other hand, we also need to explain about what we have done for Kyoto University's interview. But in 7mins. Then, will get bombed by those professors. I just cant imagine how will my heart beat standing in front of 30+ professors. calm down,calm down........


虽然天天念书的日子不好过,但我倒是突然间明白了很多之前向也想不通的物理法则,还有很多计算方面的trick.所以8月算是一个丰收的季节。当然,从本科生到硕士之间还有很大鸿沟,反而是现在开始要更加努力,稳固物理的基础,方能在研究方面解决诸方面问题。如果有机会进入LHC-ATLAS的研究的话,下个学期就要努力专攻particle physics,phase transition,Higgs mechanism之类的理论。当然,也要专注在实验方面的装置,如muon粒子detector,calorimeter之类的东西。可能还要出席ALTAS数据解析课程。这样才像一个物理学家的生活嘛。哈哈,我梦寐以求的。