Monday, June 30, 2008




  希望明年作决定的时候会比较干脆吧。当然,如果东京,京都大学的入试失败的话,明年3月就必须回国了,不必烦恼多多。以现在的程度去考的话,没希望。哈哈。基本上还有1个月的时间,20多个科目合成的考试有点困难,再加上GRE,TOEFL,GRE PHYSICS的考试还有毕业研究。。。。请赐我Intel TriCore。。。。还有,避弹衣。。因为面试的教授阵容是20-30人左右。左一枪,右一炮,不死才怪。


A trip to Tokyo

  Last week, I went to Tokyo for the 3rd time in my 4 years in Japan. For travel? No. For meeting? No. Well, I was there just to attend the Open Lab of International Center for Particle Physics(ICEPP), University of Tokyo. My possible research lab for master's degree in Japan next year.
  The highest building for department of Physics in Kyoto University is about 7-floor but ICEPP is located on 9th and 10th floor in a 11-floor building, probably to indicate that it has a high potential (to be sucessful?) ICEPP has about 40 members including professors and graduate students. Well, 1/3 of them are staying at Switzerland for LHC-ATLAS and MEG researches.(even for master students) Not only researches with mega-size accelerators like LHC can be done, tabletop experiments, such as determination of extra dimensions by using positronium are also part of students' works. Chances of going to CERN for summer school, research presentation at CERN during the 1st year, publish a paper in physical review letter during master, etc are the attractions that fascinated me. 
  Well, maybe it is still early to worry about staying at Tokyo or leaving for US if i get both universities. For me, Kyoto university has a good mentor, University of Tokyo has the research that I am interested in, and US has the system which is probably the best for nurturing a all-rounded physicist. Of course going to the States is the best choice but sometimes things are not running smooth all the time. Anyway, perhaps I should try everything that I can do from now. Sit for master entrance examinations Kyoto university and University of Tokyo, then at the same time, applying for the Graduate schools in the States. (Well, I will go back to Malaysia if I failed the 1st two exams. More precisely, will be kicked back.)