Friday, May 27, 2011

Second month of PhD

Time flies really fast and one month has passed without my notice.

My first month was actually full of administrative works, and also meeting up some fellow Malaysians in Switzerland. Other than spending a lot of money, the rest are still good, pretty good start so far.

My "real" PhD life will start next month, where I will do a poster presentation regarding my research work on muonium production at Swiss Physical Society Conference 2011 at EPF Lausanne. As I am using only Ubuntu, terminal only all these days, I challenged myself to create that poster using LaTeX. The design is not that good but I would rather put more time on my research than poster.

After the poster presentation, I will need to prepare for the MuSR experiment, as I have only beam time of four days. A few samples needed to be tested, and also different configurations of magnetic field have to be decided in order to extract both information regarding muon and muonium.
Then a week later I will be going to Strasbourg, France for European Summer Campus 2011. It is a summer school organized by the University of Strasbourg on three topics, particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. They actually have different focuses every year, and I am lucky to have this topic related to my research field. Else it would be hard for me to join.

After the summer school will perhaps be the discussion of the MuSR experiment. Of course, publication will be the best but lots of work has to be done in order to achieve that.