Monday, January 21, 2008

New Room,New Mood,New Target

  It has been a long time since i last updated my blog. Yeah,I was quite busy for moving,studies,research and sports. After enjoying 3 years of sociable life in Kyoto International Student House, now I am living in my own apartment,non even knowing who is my neighbour. But yeah,this kind of life comes at the correct timing, as I am fully concentrate on my studies,research and badminton training.Sounds odd isn't it, For a 24 years old guy like me to start badminton training. Sport is always my favorite since elementary school and I involved in representing school or club for track and field, ping pong, volleyball, basketball and soccer but never make it for badminton; as I was disqualifed for the school team selection during elementary three.

  After being accepted to study in Japan, I played averagely once per 2 weeks during my japanese language education in Osaka, but almost stopped it during my 1st, 2nd, 3rd year studies in Kyoto University. With the advancement of "Internet", I was able to download some videoclips of the finals of the badminton tournaments. And one day, the fantastic match between Koo/Tan and Fu/Cai lured me into improving my badminton skill. At the same time, I found a badminton club in the Kyoto area which welcome any interested people to join them. Of course, without any hesitation I contacted the representative and joined their training for the very 1st time on December last year. As the only foreigner there, I was warmly "welcomed"(maybe) and advice was given for my play style. How lucky I am.Yoyo.

  Let's skip badminton talk and go to my academic part. A "big announcement" is that I have decided to apply for US Graduate School academic year 2009 Fall. Feel surprise? Same for me actually as I just decided it last month. Having own "nest" in Kyoto for almost 3 years, it is quite normal for a mombusho student to stay here until the Graduate school ends. But then, I felt that I have lost my momentum for life, studies, and even motivation to study graduate school. This could be my fault(too lazy?) but after taking the course-All About US Graduate School, I realised that this could be a turning point for my situation now. Althought the process of going there is quite time consuming ; have to prepare for TOEFL,GRE,GRE PHYSICS,3 recommendation letters,etc..(As for Kyoto university, you just need to sit for the entrance examination and attend an interview)..

  I take it as a new challenge and also a new momentum to my life. Indeed, What I done in this month is comparable to what I have done for the past year.(Over hardworking?!) This is what I should do start from the beginning! My GPA for the 1st 2 years was sucks due to my attendance and just normal for my majors in 3rd year. So, what else I should do if not having perfect result in my last year this year-4th year? Kinda regret for my laziness...Anyway, forget about the past and look forward!..GO! GO! GO!

P/S: To have enough practice for english essay, I try to make use of this blog. So, If you happened to drop by, please note me for the mistakes. Thanks!