Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, no more written exam for Japanese Universities

Finally, the written exams for both Kyoto University and University of Tokyo are finished. You know, my last paper was English!!!
1st question: please translate the following English essay into Japanese !!!!
2nd question:please translate the following Japanese essay into English...............Is this called English paper?..OMG..
Luckily my 5 years stay in Japan is not wasted.....I still remember that I did badly during my 1st year english class-translation.(I think I just get about 30% for it)...but this time, yeah, without much problem, I did it. Oh, yes! But anyway, nothing to be proud of. I just shorten the distance between me and the japanese students(Losing master's exam to them due to a english paper is a BIG PAIN). They are just too good for that translation stuff.
Interviews are awaiting for me, on 4th and 5th which are just 2 days away. Well, I must really enjoy my days after a long period of studying non-stop.(About 14 hours per day, what do u think? Wake up then study then eat then study then sleep.XD)
It is kinda surprise for me to be scheduled for 2 interviews for University of Tokyo. I thought my score wasnt enough to enter my 1st choice, LHC-ATLAS experiment as there are many students putting it as 1st choice as well. Anyway, need to appeal myself more during the interview as I am maybe floating on the border line.Haha. As for Kyoto university, I think my score should be enough for my 1st choice, high energy physics lab for neutrino physics. Just need to wait for the announcement of the interview list tomorrow evening.
As for University of Tokyo, questions like what is the voltage being used in Japan? and why?, explain 1 of the experiments that you have done in 3mins, etc. Well, the 1st few questions might not be that hard but I heard that they will ask everything in detail after that. Like, explain how a PMT works, why linear collider must be used now instead of the conventional ring shape accelerator?...bla bla bla...
on the other hand, we also need to explain about what we have done for Kyoto University's interview. But in 7mins. Then, will get bombed by those professors. I just cant imagine how will my heart beat standing in front of 30+ professors. calm down,calm down........

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