Sunday, February 6, 2011

Switzerland, I am back here again!

Perhaps one of the greatest academic year in my life, in terms of travelling frequency. Started with my first trip to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland on April, I then went to Uxbridge, London, etc in UK during summer and then Zurich, Bern, etc during autumn for the interview of PhD position in ETH Zurich. Today, I am writing this post in the guest house of PSI, where I will be working as a trainee on the research topic related to muonium beam. And oh, I went to Hokkaido with my dear for the first time just last week!
Frankly, I have never thought of my life would be like that. But course, I am in debt to many people who has supported me throughout my life, without them, without me. Although I seem to be very motivated in doing Physics, it was not my strongest subject, as I had better records on mathematics and chemistry in terms of time i devoted on and the results. Indeed, I was thinking of doing theoretical particle physics until my third year in undergraduate studies.
Physics must be based on concrete experimental results. Else it would be purely philosophy (please forgive me, theoretical physicists, :p) And, common sense sometimes is preventing us from making an important discovery. An apple fall down from the tree...Oh, that is common sense..everything will fall down...don't think too much; gravity? I can't think of things other than attractive force....what else can you think of? anti-gravity with repulsive force? you gotta kidding me..but yes, I am working on that, by using "muonium atom" to measure for the first time, gravitational force in between matter and anti-matter. I am sure everyone is expecting null result, but, can you really say it is the same as matter-matter gravity without really measuring it? No for every physicist I hope.

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