Monday, February 7, 2011


When I was in Tokyo, Sunday used to be the most crowded day for trains and streets. As I will be staying in PSI guest house for about 50 days, I guess it is better for me to get some groceries to cook, so that I can save some money for living.


Taking a bus down to the nearby city, Brugg, I found out that none of the stores are actually opening! Oh, I need to go somewhere else. But still, I am afraid that it would be the same for other cities as well, so I opted for a bigger city, Aarau, which is the the capital of Canton Aagrau. However, the train is not so frequent so I went to Baden, slightly bigger than Brugg, first instead. And I was right. The shops there are opening until at least 5 pm. Cruising into MIGROS, I bought some vegetables, juices, and some "prepared food"s. Not so pricey as compared to eating out, and also much more healthier, I hope. Have been eating lots of oily stuffs when I was in Japan, and it is time for me to change the habit.

Clock Tower in Baden

Later on, I went to Aarau as planned, bought some stuffs as well and grabbed something to eat.
As the bus to PSI ends quite early, I headed back after a short stay. Coincidently, I met one of my Japanese friends on the bus! I thought he is not coming to PSI this month! We had some nice chat and said bye bye after knowing that we will be staying at different guest house.


A quite relaxed day, except I need to spend more for the transportation. LOL.

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