Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Screen for Emirates

Interview for a job? No, it was actually an interview for a PhD position in ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Well, you can say that PhD is actually a job, however, many often quote it as "cheap labor", chuckles.

Initially I didn't put much hope on it as the requirements seem high and I had no actual experience in building apparatus for experimental particle physics. However, I am really motivated to do so, and with my previous experience in various fields of physics, I think it should prepare me well to take the challenge.

Shops at Dubai Airport

Zurich airport

Buildings in Brugg
Synchrotron at PSI


Kit精。。。 said...

jia you scientist~~

Kim Siang said...

thanks..^^..surprised to see u still following my blog..haha

Kit精。。。 said...

silent follower...keke