Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My first ever publication!

My first paper in Physical Review Letters (PRL)

After working in Physics for so many years, finally my name appears in one of the most prestigious journals in Physics, Physical Review Letters (PRL) and its title is "Muonium Emission into Vacuum from Mesoporous Thin Films at Cryogenic Temperatures".

This research topic was actually not mentioned when I applied for the PhD, but I started to work on it since February last year for about half a year. Then most of the time was spent improving the data analysis and polishing up the paper. Everything is explained in the paper but for non-Physicist, I would explain it as below;

The main idea of this work is to test a material which could be used for next generation precision experiments that allow Physicists to extract even more precise values of particle masses, and to test the charge ratio between particles.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. :)


wxch3w said...

congrat!!and i got many questions: the muon is released to the vacuum when u shoot muon+ into a thin film of SiO2 if i've read correctly. How you get the muon+? and the muon is produced by what kind of process?

Kim Siang said...

hi wxch3w!
it is not muon that is released to the vacuum but Muonium, an atom consisting a positive muon and an electron. muon+ is produced from decayed pion+ (weak decay process), and pion+ is created by smashing high energy protons onto a graphite target (lots of particles produced and pion is one of them).

wxch3w said...

ops sorry, Muonium, i see. Can it be found in nature? Can it react chemically with others element and form a more stable products?